RPPW: Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is RPPW?

RPPW is an informal association of scientists who study rhythm. Their professional fields include neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, ethnomusicology, and beyond.

2: What does RPPW stand for?

Back in 1984, Alan Wing held a workshop, called the Rhythm Perception and Production Workshop. It has been held on a nearly bi-annual basis since then. The acronym RPPW has come to be applied to the loose collection of people, as well as their favourite workshop.

3: How do I join?

You don’t. There is no formal structure to the association that is RPPW. If you are interested in attending the next meeting, contact the organizers directly.

4: When is the next workshop?

The next workshop has yet to be determined. We hope it will be in Summer 2017. Details to follow.